Where Should I Store My Bike Overnight To Keep It Safe?

When you own a bike, it isn’t the most exciting thing in the world to worry about where you should store it overnight when it is not in use. You want to be planning day trips out on the open road, cycling with friends and getting the wind in your hair. The possibilities are endless, but making sure the safety and security of your bike is top notch, is important. It is an expensive thing to buy, and if it is central to your lifestyle, you’ll want to count on it being safe when you put it away overnight, as the last thing you want is to head down to go out cycling in the morning and find that your bike has been stolen.

What are the different options you have to store your bike overnight (or for longer if you are putting your bicycle away for winter, for instance)?

Store your bike outside

This is never the ideal situation, for a number of reasons. First, your bike will be unprotected from the elements, affecting long-term quality, reliability, and the maintenance of your bike. It also makes it much easier for thieves to spot, making it easier to steal. Storing outside must always be the last resort when thinking of the best places for your bike, but if you must, remember to remove any accessories and use the most secure bike lock you can afford.

Store your bike inside

There isn’t too much to say about this, just think about the size of most bikes and how much space they would take up in your hallway!

Dedicated bike storage

If there is enough room outside for dedicated bike storage, this is a great investment, as it provides a long-term storage solution for your bike. This type of bike storage box differs in style and size depending on what you’re looking for, so always be sure to do your homework and find the right bike storage solution for your bike and needs. It needs to fit not only your bike comfortable, but fit the space around it, so as not to take up too much space in your back garden, yard, or side alley.

Metal garden shed

A garden shed is a popular place to store bicycles and other expensive equipment, furniture, and tools. This also makes it a place that criminals will look (along with potential vulnerable entry points into the home), which is why if you choose to store your bike in a shed, you need the best shed for the job. A metal garden shed provides a storage solution that is the most secure protection you have against criminals whilst also providing great protection against the weather and long-term corrosion and maintenance issues to your bike.

Planning the best options for your bike storage is an important part of owning a bicycle. You want that peace of mind that when you lock the door on your bike storage, that it’ll be there when you come back to get it out next. You could choose from some of the most secure garden storage on the market, utilising outdoor metal storage solutions to house not only garden items, equipment and tools, but also as bike storage. This makes for a secure location to store not just your bike, but other items too, safe in the knowledge that the steel shed is equipped to protect against both theft and the elements.